Our professional IT services

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IT Support
IT Support

IT support is one of the most important aspects of a business that is often overlooked by small business and start-ups. It support it not just fixing computers if they go wrong but can also help you set up a simple secure network that can make your company more productive.

Cloud solutions
Cloud Solutions

Private cloud, Public cloud or Hybrid solution. Let us help you decide and realise your businesses full potential .

Privacy Policy
Hosted Email

Network security if implemented correctly can help protect your network from security breaches and should be considered as one of the top priorities no matter what size business you run. The cost to recover from a security breach can be extremely high. If you are not sure how secure your network is click on the link below to find out more or call Bluestone IT and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Backup and Recovery

Your data backed up securely every 15 minutes locally and online with a full recovery within 4 hours.

Why choose us

At BlueStone IT we pride ourselves in being able to talk in non-technical easy to understand language. We are here to help. We are here to work with you to make sure your project is a success, to put in place IT support that is tailored to fit your product, service and budget.

What You Get

We help you keep your business moving forward with our outstanding computer support services that can help you reduce cost, improve return on investment and seamlessly integrate into your current business setup.